Thursday, November 24, 2011

What is KaLu?

My first two sons Alu and Karum were the inspiration for KaLu.  The combination of their names gave birth to KaLu which originally represented art and graphic work that I did (KaLu Arts).  A few years later, I found out that the word KaLu in my native language translates as "both".  
My sons Karum & Alu

That was interesting to say the least.  When the KaLu concept for education began around the year 2000, I took the concept of "both" and expanded it to represent focusing on a structure that prepared our children for BOTH physical success and spiritual success.

Today, KaLu represents a legacy, a legacy for all children who are and will be influenced by it.  This legacy is the establishment of a bright and beautiful future where these children can feel comfortable being proud of who they are and knowing that the world that THEY are running has their best interests in mind.

KaLu - for every child, a legacy...
The first KaLu Skarabs (Alu, Safiyyah & Karum)

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