Sunday, November 27, 2011

Tonally Raising Our Children

Every culture on the planet except Africans in America who only speak English share a tonal unity amongst themselves.  They weather the storms as a people and are always in leagues with each other on issues that concern them as a whole.  Sure, they may squabble amongst themselves over petty matters but when it is time to represent as a whole body, there is no question about that.

Africans who have been born in America who only speak the English language brag about how conscious, how aware, how intellectual, how spiritual, how healthy and how supreme they are.  All of this, however, is done from an individual status, meaning, I am conscious, I am aware, I am intellectual, I am spiritual, I am healthy and I am supreme.  When it comes to the perspective of the African in America as a whole, it's a different story.

When it is time to build as a people, all cultures on the planet can come together and put aside indifferences for the cause of the growth of all except Africans born in America.  Sure we will build for everyone else, whether willingly or unwillingly but when it comes to building with each other, we have stipulations, we have conditions and if our own personal wants and needs aren't met, we are reluctant to build at all.

This is a nice brew for a heated debate on the topic of the status of the African American but that would only further prove the initial point.  The purpose of this post is not for that.  We are seeking to build on a much more important issue that the above discussion directly affects.

Why it is important to raise our children tonally...

The reason for our lack of success in establishing ourselves as a strong nation is because we don't share a tonal unity.  Tonal unity is what a people share when the language that they speak links them together.  The language is the foundation of your cultural practices and through your language, you develop through time a similar brain pattern vibration that makes you as a people unique in the world.  So much so, that in many cases, you begin to look similar and even act similar.

All of this shows that through a tonal unity, a people can learn to truly respect, honor and love each other not because it SHOULD be done, but because vibrationally, it just NATURALLY happens.

How do we raise our children tonally?

We have to make the conscious decision as a parent and as a community that we want this type of unity and that we will honor it.  After that, the process is as easy as developing a good habit.

An environment must be created where this language will live.  The environment must be protected on the outside from any other tones that will seek to dissipate the energy that is being established.  All who maintain the environment on the inside must be staunch in their dedication to the advancement of the purposes of that environment.

The language that is established within this environment must be in league with the genetics of the people.  It's easy to just pick an African language but does everyone who will participate in this environment link genetically to that language?  The language has to be all encompassing genetically and has to be a language that links locally, then globally.

There is more to it than this but we must crawl before we walk right?

More to come...

Peace, light and love

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