Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Picture This...

Many of us are aware of the many methods of visualization techniques that exist.  Some of us use them on a consistent basis in our own lives and have seem measurable amounts of success.  The concept of visualization is creating a mental picture of something that you want to manifest and focusing on that picture as you move through the universe towards the tangible realization of what you see in your head.

With that in mind, I would like for you to picture something for me.  This isn't for the purposes of meditation (even though it can be) but just for observational concerns.  I would like to know if what I'm about to describe can truly be pictured or if we are so entrenched into a particular type of thinking that this type of visualization is not even possible.

Here we go...

Picture this:
- a place where the best of our experiences as Humans on this planet makes up the backdrop
- a place where our children are completely protected and impervious to the constant and relentless approaches of the thousands of distractions presented by Western society and the modern world
- a place where the traditions, values and principles of who we were as a tribal people have been restored
- a place where rights of passage rituals for our youth are an integral part of our social order
- a place where the wisdom and experience of our elders are catalogued and perpetuated for generations to come
- a place where we as "grown ups" respect each other from a Human level enough to come together and build for the future of our generations
- a place where we share a tonal unity
- a place where we control the economics and where the economics are not based solely on capitalism
- a place where our spirituality is based on our connection with Nature and the Universe
- a place where we honor the best of our ancient cultures without losing sight of the forward progression of Humankind
- a place where we control our educational legacy
- a place where we create, direct and control our media
- a place that is protected from the worst of us as well as the worst of the world
- a place where we govern ourselves justly with all the true principles of Ma'at
- a place where when our youth complete their education, their major focus in on expanding the legacy of their village, community and nation

there's more...

but let's start here...

can you picture this?

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