Sunday, November 13, 2011

Are We Willing To Sacrifice For Our Children?

You hear a lot of so called "conscious" Humans talking about how everything is for and about the children.  This conversation has been going on for decades and yet we live in a time with a generation of the most disenfranchised children the world has ever seen.  Violence is at an all time high, our youth disrespect our elders now more than ever and the general and overall vibe of non-concern is rampant throughout our communities.

How much have we really sacrificed for our children?

How much are we TRULY willing to sacrifice for our children?

Is taking your child out of a familiar environment to them, transplanting them to a new, unfamiliar environment all in the name of a better job really a sacrifice for your children?

Is working godless hours on a job never having time for your children so that you can buy them things making a sacrifice for your children?

Is sending your children to pre-established institutions that groom your children in the way that society wants them groomed and not necessarily the way YOU want them groomed in the best interest of your children?

Where are the communities where everyone who lives there are responsible for the outcome of all of the children of that community?

Where are the businesses that help to promote the principles and values of the community that they are located within?

Where are the parents who know their neighbors, talk with their neighbors and share a common interest with all of their children?

When will we truly learn what it is to sacrifice for our children?

more to come...

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