Monday, November 7, 2011

On My Mind

Out of all the schools in state that you live in, how many teachers does each one have?  How many are able to offer individualized grooming for your child or children?  How many resources are available per student per state?

This was just on my mind.  We talk about wanting better educational resources for our children but do we really know what an educational resource is?  We talk about wanting better schools, better teachers, etc. for our children but do we even know what a decent school is, what a good teacher is?  

We have alot of demands when it comes to our children's education but the most important demand that can be made, that we as parents don't make, is what can WE as parents do to ensure that our children are being groomed to the best of their abilities?  Why are we consistently placing the blame on everything but our own households when it comes to how our children are turning out?

Which leads me to the other point that was on my mind.  

Desegregation...what it good for the Black community?

What truly have we gotten from being given "permission" to attend school with Euro-Americans?  Have we become better Blacks?  Have we become more enhanced African Americans?  Have we gotten closer to the legacy as a people that we lost so many years ago?


So what in fact did desegregation really do for the Black community?  It gave us an excuse to put the grooming of our children in someone else's hands so that we could chase the selfishness of the world all in the name of "making a better existence" for our family.  

Our main excuse is that we are trying to make a better place for our children but when we have worked out backs out trying to acquire that and are finally ready to enjoy a little of something we have amassed, our children are either too tired of waiting for us or completely caught up in the world that we slaved for and don't want to have anything to do with us.

Sound familiar?

So how do we combat this? 


We have to become responsible for the grooming of our children again.  That's the short answer.  Stay tuned for the long version...


  1. SO how does the average person go about making these changes?

  2. Step 1. Become responsible for our children again meaning, stop holding public education responsible for the upbringing of our children. Also, stop thinking pre-set institutions like church, the boy and girl scouts, the armed forces, colleges & universities, etc. have your children's best interest in mind while you run around living your "ideal" lives. This mentality must change before anything is done to better the chances for our future generations.