Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Grooming Vs. Indoctrinating

Did you know that when you send your child off to any outside establishment for whatever purpose, your child is being subject to the mindset of the creator of that facility?  This means that when they go to school, they are not just going to get a day's worth of education, they are getting a thorough dose of indoctrination from the facility itself.  If they go to a relative's house, you are concerned about what type of environment your relative keeps but that isn't a thought when you send them to the places where they will be for most of their early life.  Have you ever pondered on this?

When our children go to school (public, private, parochial, charter, etc.) they are heading off to an institution of indoctrination.  This means that they are not going for information or grooming but rather than to learn how someone else feels they should think in their everyday lives.  What they like, where they want to go in their lives, what they believe, how they feel, how they think and much more goes into the indoctrination of our children.  By the time they reach their "teenage" years, they have been thorough programmed AGAINST the environment that we have worked so hard to establish at home which is why so many of our children want to leave home, the neighborhood, the community and even the city in some cases and get as far away from our roots as possible.

Thanks indoctrination...

Grooming our children is something that we must do to make sure the basic principles and morals that we ourselves were groomed with are intact once they reach young adulthood.  Grooming can involve educational concepts but deal mainly with preparing our children to be able to survive and succeed in the world based on the expansion of their family, not the separation from it.  In this sense, they learn about the importance of strengthening their community and going out into the world to bring valuable items of use to that community so that it is perpetuated for generations to come.

Look at the Jewish communities, the Asian communities, the East Indian communities, etc...

What are we missing?

So as we make our way into the next phases of our lives we must stop and ask ourselves this question: Do I want my child groomed for the future or indoctrinated for their future?

The choice is always yours...

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