Saturday, November 5, 2011

Is Modern Education Wrong?

My son told me one time, "School is for Suckers!"

Now while that is a pretty strong and somewhat comical statement, it does beg for further introspection.  Why would a then twelve year old make that kind of a statement?  Why, in that case, do any of the hundreds of thousands of children who are exposed to Western education, make derogatory comments about education, school and anything else that corresponds with the modern day learning process?

School isn't really for suckers, lol, but it has produced a large amount of suckers when it comes to Westerners standing in society.  The patsies who work their butts off in class to get the good degrees, then get the great job that awards them the lifestyle they dreamed of only to be fired once they get almost enough years to retire with their pension.  Or, the marks who think they are too cool for school and play around and fumble their way through their education only to be faced with the cold, hard reality that they can only get jobs that pay barely enough for them to survive off of and end up working their behinds off, living only one paycheck from the poorhouse.  Or, the stoolie who took the safe road, working hard through adversity, maybe being gifted in sports and believing they are blessed because they get a scholarship to college and end up poor and destitute because a life changing injury stopped them from becoming pro.  The list goes on...

But school isn't for suckers...

Modern education has done everything in its power to create every aspect of the working class that makes up Western society today.  From the so-called bottom feeders of society who work the "meaningless and thankless" jobs to the so-called cream of the crop, who think they are privileged because their paychecks allow them to consume more than the average person and all those in between.  This would seem like the ideal situation from someone looking from the perspective of the all powerful movers and molders of entire civilizations but from the perspective of the person who is about to be evicted because their job "downsized" them, it doesn't seem to peachy.

We live in a "fast food" society, where everyone what's what they want when they want it...immediately.  No waiting, no patience, just immediate service.  All because we have been taught to consume on so many levels. Are our schools responsible for this?

According to this web page... are.

But no, education isn't for suckers...or is it?

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